At the point of confirming your order, we will have discussed with you in detail; the final design, dimensions, colour and finish of your furniture.

This attention to detail will help ensure your finished piece not only fulfils your requirements, but we hope exceeds your expectations, giving you many years of enjoyment and practical usage.


We require a minimum 50% deposit on all bespoke furniture commissions at the time of ordering, or payment in full if preferred.

Any outstanding balances will fall due on the completion of your bespoke commission.

All bespoke commissioned furniture remains the property of Georgia Lacey Interiors Limited until paid for in full, and all bespoke commissions must be paid for prior to delivery or collection.


Please allow approximately 4 to 5 months from payment of deposit for the completion of your bespoke furniture order, although we always endeavour to complete your furniture sooner where possible.

Sometimes items take longer to complete due to unforseen circumstances, please refer to "EVENTS & DELAYS OUTSIDE OUR CONTROL" below.

Delivery of bespoke items is not included in the purchase price, unless specifically included and noted in our invoice.


Once details of your bespoke commission have been agreed and the deposit paid, bespoke items cannot be cancelled, or be altered in size, paint colour or design.


By their nature; bespoke and custom furniture items commissioned by customers and handmade to order, cannot be returned or refunded after a confirmed order has been placed and a deposit paid.

In the unlikely event that your bespoke commission is; damaged during delivery, or is not fit for purpose, or is clearly and obviously not as described in your original order, in accordance with your statutory legal rights, as a first option we will endeavour to make good any shortcomings, correct errors in the furniture, or repair damages. In the event that revisions are not possible, we will offer clients a replacement piece.


Please note that our website prices for bespoke seating include professional upholstery labour costs, but exclude fabric costs due to the huge variance in the cost of fabrics. Customers are welcome to supply their own material, or we can source your chosen fabric for you at additional cost.


Our bespoke furniture is hand painted to order using natural Swedish made, raw paint pigments mixed by hand, and therefore each finished piece will have its own unique and distinct character. Our paint finishes are inherently matt in appearance for a truly authentic antique style patina.

Please note that as we use natural paint pigments applied by hand, small variances in paint colour and antique patina will naturally arise.

These subtle differences are not to the detriment of the completed furniture, and cannot be regarded as faults in the paint finish.

Please note that non-standard custom paint finishes, and/or 3rd party paint brands requested/specified by clients, that deviate in characteristics from our usual natural Swedish paint pigments, are not guaranteed by Georgia Lacey Interiors Limited (trading as Georgia Lacey).


Please note that hand crafted wooden furniture will always have a small number of natural elements occurring in the wood surface including; small knots, cavities, and grain colour differences. It is hard to call these natural occurences blemishes or defects, as they are part of the history of a tree, and give every bespoke item its unique identity, and add to the natural patina and charm of reproduction antique furniture. These small wooden blemishes are usually indiscernible, and are not to be regarded as faults, or faulty.

In contrast to modern engineered woods or MDF, solid furniture grade timber is a natural material which is susceptible to occasional movement (shrinkage or expansion) due to climatic conditions including heat and/or moisture. Custom made wooden furniture is therefore subject to small natural movements of a few millimetres according to environmental conditions, and should not be regarded as faulty.


Where events outside the reasonable control of Georgia Lacey Interiors Limited (trading as Georgia Lacey) result in a failure to perform on the part of the company, or a delay in the performance by the company of the obligations set out in the contract, the company will not be held liable.

These unforeseen circumstances might include but are not limited to;

A force majeure event, or a delay in the manufacture and/or painting of a bespoke item by a 3rd party supplier in the UK or Sweden due to factors including; illness, or severe weather conditions, or a delay in transportation back to the UK as a result of vehicle breakdown, Brexit import delays, Covid related illness or lockdowns etc.

Furthermore, Georgia Lacey Interiors Limited (trading as Georgia Lacey) is entitled to suspend performance for the duration of the period during which the event outside their reasonable control continues, without penalty.

Martha Homes retains the right to introduce an extension of time to any contract affected by an event outside their reasonable control, for the purpose of completing and fulfilling that contract, and that period of time may be determined by the company.

The company will also commit to trying to find a satisfactory solution to bring an end to the event outside its reasonable control and fulfill its obligations under the contract, but an alternative resolution might not be possible in a quicker time frame.

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