Code: ART001

Dimensions:W: 74cm (29.1")H: 63cm (24.8")D: 4cm (1.6")


'Peaches in a Pink Bowl' by Poppy Ellis. 2019.

Fresh turquoise and orange hues in this textured painting. Three fat peaches in a pale pink bowl, a pair of black spectacles and a red cup. A necklace winds itself through the image. A colourful swathe of Hungarian floral embroidery.

Includes original 1950's French frame in excellent condition.

About the Artist
Poppy Ellis is a British contemporay artist who lives on the edge of the English Channel in a wind swept corner of Kent. She grew up in Sunderland and studied Illustration at Newcastle. She has worked as an art director in publishing, packaging and food styling. Ellis is inspired by folklore and fairy tales, secrets and puzzles. Her pieces are narrative, often connecting themes from her childhood. Red Riding Hood may be juxtaposed with the Tale of Jeremy Fisher. Vases of tissue paper, poppies sit happy with a Feegee Mermaid. Her style layers painterly and abstract with graphic elements and patterns. Her still life painting mix old and new pieces, medieval ceramics mingle with contemporary pottery. Ellis worked as an art director in London for many years and has now traded in her train card for her studio which she shares with her husband and two barky dogs.